I’m participating in a 60-day paleo challenge via CFSBK.  You can read more about the challenge here.  The following is my plan for the challenge.

Goal - To lose excess body fat so I can show off the muscles underneath.  Particularly in my stomach area, would like to not feel so pudgy around the middle.

Exercise - Group classes 4 x per week + open gym on fridays.  I plan to use open gym to work on core lifts like back squat and press and ultimately deadlift after the January deadlift cycle ends.  Jog to and from class (weather permitting) or on other days as training for Ragnar.

Nutrition - No grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar, etc.  1 cup coffee in the morning.  Allowed 1 restaurant meal per week where choices should be smart, but do not have to be paleo.  Alcohol only on Friday and Saturday nights and no more than 3 drinks per night.  Drink more water, try to have at least one bottle during workday.

Rest/Recovery - Tuesday/Saturday rest days.